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EPS Polyester Powder Coating Primer White

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Content: 5 Kilogramm (€69.60 * / 1 Kilogramm)

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  • SW10036
  • 5 Kilo VE
  • Polyester powder coating EPS primer
EPS Powder Coat Primer White Polyester Powder Coat EPS Primer Application:... more
Product information "EPS Polyester Powder Coating Primer White"

EPS Powder Coat Primer White Polyester Powder Coat EPS Primer


weather-  and  light-resistant  polyester powder paint -  coating powder  for  general  industrial coating, such as apparatus, tanks or steel structures

Glossy polyester powder with good penetration, for the production of paint films with good flow as well as very high elasticity.
Colour adjustment:
Carried out according to the customer's requirements, using only carefully selected, tested pigments to guarantee light and weather fastness.
Depending   on   the   requirements   regarding   adhesion   and   corrosion resistance  of the final product and the quality of the base/substrate can be chosen as follows: Steel:      degrease, blast, iron phosphate or zinc phosphate Aluminium:     degrease, blast, passivate or chromate according to DIN 50939
or suitable chrome-free pre-treatment
Galvanised substrates:     degrease, blast, zinc phosphate or chromate or suitable chrome-free pre-treatment
Electrostatic coating (EPS) Polyester powder coating at processing voltage of 30 to 100 KV. The relevant safety regulations (guidelines of BGV D25, VDE, VDM) and our EU safety data sheet must be observed and complied with.

It should be noted that the minimum layer thickness required to achieve sufficient covering power depends on the colour shade. A corresponding layer thickness recommendation, which was developed in accordance with VdL-RL 10, is available on request.

Stoving conditions according to DIN 55990-4:

15 - 20 min holding time at 160°C object temperature
8 - 12 min holding time at 180°C object temperature

Shelf life:
12 months from delivery when stored in a dry place not above 25°C, without exposure to heat or sunlight!

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Pulverlack gelbgrün 5 kg EPS powder coating yellow green
Content 5 Kilogramm (€135.89 * / 1 Kilogramm)
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