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Coluxglow test certificate DIN 67510 for photoluminescent markings


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Product information "Coluxglow test certificate DIN 67510 for photoluminescent markings"

Field of application


Test certificate based on the DIN 67510 standard for photoluminescent markings

Test certificate of the luminance measurement from the product standard for photoluminescent markings

Creation of a test certificate from a laboratory order in accordance with DIN 67510-4 with the values of the luminance measurement and luminous duration determination for photoluminescent markings.

The photoluminescent products tested in this way show the results  in relation to the specifications of ASR A3.4/7 and DIN 67510-4 Class B or C and can be assigned accordingly.

  1. ASR A3.4/7 : Workplace safety
  2. Class B: For better orientation on escape and rescue routes in the dark
  3. Class C: If no sufficient safety lighting is available as well as for the installation of photoluminescent markings for optical safety guidance systems.

Type and scope of service

  • Scope of services: Testing of the reset pattern from the standard or from the special design.
  • Additional service: Testing of one of the customer's objects that you make available to us for measurement.
Manufacturer "Colux GmbH"

Die ColuxGlow® Farben und Neonglow Colux® sind Marken der Firma Colux GmbH in 67150 Niederkirchen, Im Kirchgarten 11, (Deutschland) - made in Germany.

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Wall marking paint yellow green
Field of application afterglow wall marking paint yellow green ColuxGlow luminous wall paint on watery acrylate base WHAT CAN COLUXGLOW PAINT DO? ColuxGlow afterglow wall marking paint is a paint for marking walls and doors with a photoluminescent effect. BRIEF DESCRIPTIONColuxGlow photoluminescent wall marking paint is a water-based luminescent acrylic wall paint with a high content of photoluminescent pigments that store light energy and release it over time. A white undercoat is recommended to achieve a good luminescent effect. APPLICATION    ■ The substrate must be clean and dry - a white primer significantly increases the luminous effect, because the luminous paint is translucent. ■ Depending on the application technique, especially for the spraying process, it can be thinned with up to 10 % quantity of demineralised water. In this case, also stir during painting in order to avoid settling of the pigments. ■ Before the coating dries, remove any masking tape that may have been used so that no film edge is formed during curing. ■ TIP: Do not use an absorbent brush or paint roller for painting! NOTEPaint contains an anti-rot biocide - symbol: CAUTION SPECIFICATION FUNCTION Safety marking COLOR TONE yellow-green photoluminescent DENSITY 1,35 g/l LAYER 100 my dried film CONSUMPTION 2-3 sqm / liter depending on the application APPLICATION water thinnable 10 SPRAYABLE Versions for brushing and spraying APPLICATION 10-25 degrees C DRY TIME DUST DRY 2 hours PAINTABLE 12 hours WATERPROOF 48 hours PACKAGING 375 ml and 1 litre cans SHELF LIFE Use up paint within 6 months - stir up sediment!

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Field of application PUR Floor Paint yellow-green ColuxGlow 1K PUR for marking escape routes outdoors   Night glow colours for marking escape routes (1-component polyurethane coating) - in white with blue glow colour or mint green with yellow-green glow colour that glows in the dark. WHAT CAN COLUXGLOW PAINT DO? ColuxGlow PUR floor paint for marking escape routes (1-component polyurethane coating) - in mint green with yellow-green luminescent paint or colourless in blue luminescent paint that glows in the dark and  a matching white primer. BRIEF DESCRIPTIONColuxGlow High-solid solvent-based floor paint for marking escape routes, lightfast and weather-resistant paint for application with a brush or for coating mineral substrates, concrete, wood, metal and GRP. APPLICATION    ■ The surface must be dry and free of loose particles. Remove grease, oil and paint residues from the substrate. Do not apply to damp concrete. Moisture from the substrate may cause blistering. ■ A white primer enhances the luminous effect. A white undercoat paint is included in the range. Pigments to be avoided. ■ Apply with a paint brush (plastic bristles) or by pouring. The film dries without bubbles. No dripping time. ■ Important: This PUR is a reactive resin and hardens due to moisture in the air. Do not dry with heat under any circumstances! ■ TIP: Mask with tape and remove shortly after painting to prevent edges from forming and film from tearing. NOTEContains :aliphatic polyisocyanate, IPDI,1,6-hexanediyl-bis(2-(2-(1-ethylpentyl)-3-oxazolidinyl)ethyl)carbamate,    See MSDS for hazard statements!- Symbol: CAUTION + FlameFlammable liquid and vapor. May cause allergic skin reactions. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. Do not smoke. Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapour/aerosol. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water. Additional information: Contains isocyanates. May cause allergic reactions. SPECIFICATION FUNCTION Safety marking COLOUR TONE yellow-green or blue photoluminescent DENSITY 1,35 g/l LAYER 400 my dried film CONSUMPTION 1 sqm / 750 ml APPLICATION Thinnable with universal thinner with xylene content SPRITTABLE Brushing and squeegeeing PROCESSING Fresh air supply - not in frosty conditions DRY TIME DUST DRY 4 hours PAINTABLE 1 hour WATCHABLE 24 hours PACKAGING 375 ml and 750 ml cans SHELF LIFE Tightly close the quantity in the tin container - but then only storable for a short time.  - Stir up the sediment!

Content: 0.375 Liter (€106.40* / 1 Liter)

EP Floor paint interior - yellow green photoluminescent
Application area EP floor paint interior version 3 - luminescent marking paints ColuxGlow photoluminescent marking paints made of epoxy resin floor paint 2K indoor (solvent f r e i ) WHAT CAN COLUXGLOW PAINT DO? ColuxGlow Floor Paint Interior is solvent free and suitable for applications in enclosed areas with pedestrian traffic e.g. airport buildings. SHORT DESCRIPTIONColuxGlow photoluminescent marking paint Floor paint Interior for all types of floors on mineral composition such as glass, concrete, stone, screed, pavement in dry, grease and oil and silicone free condition. Also suitable for hard foam boards such as polystyrene. Approved for indoor use, e.g. hygiene rooms, canteens. APPLICATION     ■ Mixing ratio (complete 0.8 kg): Already weighed out portions-    Parts by weight component  A -    Parts by weight component  B     A+B 1 part-    Parts by weight component  C      0.85 part■ Stir with forced mixer hoist and cordless drill first at low and then at medium speed in two working steps. ■ Pour component A and B  (liquid) together in the plastic container and mix homogeneously for approx. 2  minutes at low rotation speed. Add component C (powder) in portions and continue to stir for a further 2  minutes until a homogeneous viscous mass is obtained. ■ Relative humidity maximum 80 % and protect from water for at least 48 hours, otherwise white veils will form! TIP: For a perfect photoluminescent marking paint, mask the floor with tape and remove shortly after painting to prevent edges from forming and the film from tearing. NOTE CAUTION. Hardener Corrosive: Skin contact with epoxy resins may cause allergies: Work latex or nitrile gloves. Harmful by inhalation, ingestion and in contact with skin. Causes burns. May cause sensitization by skin contact. Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. SPECIFICATION FUNCTION photoluminescent escape route marking COLOUR yellow-green photoluminescent DENSITY 0,8 kg protioined in A+B+C LAYER 300 my dried film CONSUMPTION 0,5 sqm content APPLICATION Pin roller against bubble formation, brush, squeegee, smoothing trowel DRYING TIME 60 minutes at  10° C,  45 minutes below 20° C (Max  30°C), substrate at least + 3° C PROCESSING 10-25 degrees C DRYING TIME DRYING TIME 45 minutes STORABLE 12 hours LOADABLE 3 days PACKAGING Three cans/components TOOLS For cleaning tools use universal thinner with xylene content

Content: 0.8 Kilogramm (€78.50* / 1 Kilogramm)