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ColuxGlow phosphorent paints are high-quality products for optimizing the identification of escape routes and escape route markings. As photoluminescent coatings, they can be simple and flexible and provide a decisive plus in terms of safety. Guidance markings on floors and walls are easy and problem-free to apply by skilled painters and varnishers and provide a long-lasting signaling effect.


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Coluxglow paints are available in the form of aqueous acrylate dispersions or solvent-based paints, as well as epoxy and polyurethane coatings. They are also available as a solvent-based plastic paint in spray cans and as a solvent-free paint for walls and floors. In addition, Coluxglow offers acrylic painting, airbrush and screen printing inks, as well as white and yellow primer for floor markings and parking lot markings.

Applications for Coluxglow are used either for floors or walls or for objects made of various materials such as wood, metal or plastic. Application methods include painting, spray painting or screen printing. EP (epoxy resins) and PUR (polyurethane) casting resins are particularly recommended for floor coatings, while a 2-K-industrial paint can be used for everyday handling items.

Selecting the appropriate paint type and application depends on the coating method used and the object being painted. It matters whether it is an object, a wall or a floor and what material the surface or subsurface is made of. The appropriate type of paint varies depending on the requirements of the end application, such as walkability, usability, whether the paint is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, whether it is washable and whether there is already a white primer.

Choose from four categories, depending on the user's motivation: either as a painting company for an escape route marking, as an artist and screen printer, as a hobby painter for creative interior and exterior design or for design with effect paints for events and stage design. The range in the categories includes typical use cases and application options for users.

To ensure safety in the workplace and to mark escape routes when there is no sufficient safety lighting, photoluminescent markings are used. These comply with the regulations of ASR and DIN 67510. The coating itself should be selected according to the requirements of the end application. In this way the range is categorized.


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"Welcome to the ColuxGlow SHOP - your direct manufacturer for glowing paints in the dark. Our shop specializes in glow-in-the-dark paint, marking paints, afterglow paint and self-luminous screen-printed luminous paint. Here you will find cost-effective and high-quality paints and varnishes that glow in the dark for escape route markings, Parking lot markings and decals. Discover transparent and colorful colors that glow at night."

Search terms from Google search: Colux is a German manufacturer of colorful afterglow colors, glow-in-the-dark colors and phosphorescent night colors. They also make special marking paints as well as glow-in-the-dark items such as signs and house numbers that glow at night. All Coluxglow night glow colors glow in the dark. The company offers plastic coatings for plastics such as PP, PET, PA and PMMA as well as for metal and glass. They produce photoluminescent yellow wall marking paints as well as fluorescent paints to mark walls, floors and parking spaces. In addition, they offer PUR polyurethane paints, EP epoxy resin paints, GRP paints, boat paints, Marking spray paints, night glow sprays, floor paints and water and solvent based afterglow paints. They also have self-luminous coatings, yellow photoluminescent wall marking paints for walls and doors, luminous coatings, luminescent coatings and luminescent paints for signs, gardens, Houses and paving stones on offer. In their online hardware store, tradesmen can find varnishes and paints for floor markings in accordance with DIN 67510, yellow marking paints for markings such as escape route markings and escape route markings for painting floors and walls. We also offer powder coatings for EPS powder coating of aluminum. Their range includes self-illuminating paints at night, screen printing inks, textile printing inks, textile paints, luminous spray paints, acrylic and luminescent paints, acrylic varnishes, textile paints and airbrush paints for mixing and spraying. They also offer bright colors in yellow, orange, red, green, blue, Violet as well as white and colorless transparent colors. They also have spray paints, marking spray paints and photoluminescent screen printing inks for T-shirts. Artists can find acrylic paints and canvases for bright pictures. If you want textiles and decorative items such as lighting elements, decorative stones for the yard and garden, If you want to paint or color self-luminous wall tattoos or glow-in-the-dark pictures on cardboard or canvas, you can buy waterproof glow-in-the-dark paints from them that glow in the dark and have afterglow effects. They also offer wall decor paints, emulsion paints, wood acrylic paints, neon paints for T-shirts, decorative Coatings, decorative stones, Halloween decor, luminous stones, color coatings with luminescent pigments that glow without black light, interior coatings, night colors without black light and luminous images as well as interior paints for interior surfaces. Do-it-yourselfers will find wall paints and emulsion paints for painting objects and crafting with afterglow effects, as well as signs and stickers for labeling and marking doors and stairwells. Your offer also includes special colors for events, events, major events, concerts, stages and theaters, and short-term and temporary markings for escape routes using peel-off paints and latex paints. Coluxglow also has neon sign paints for neon signs with a spotlight night glow effect, glow spray in spray cans and afterglow spray.