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"Are you an architect or a tradesman? Do you offer services for planning escape route markings for buildings or workshops, including paths, stairwells and parking spaces?"
In our range you will find photoluminescent paint for floors, walls, parking lot markings and industrial paints. You have the option of purchasing luminescent paint to mark walls, floors and parking lots. We offer PUR 1-K and 2K polyurethane paint, EP synthetic resin paints, GRP paint, boat paint, marking spray, night glow spray and floor paints (concrete paints).Our online Shop offers a variety of glow-in-the-dark paints and paints for exterior surfaces and floor coatings. 
We also have noctilucent signs, arrows and coating materials for walls and doors, garages, stairs, parking garages. We also offer luminous coatings and luminous paint for signs, gardens, Houses and paving stones.