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Handwerker und Heimwerker finden hier das passende Zubehör für die Anwendung der ColuxGlow Farben.

Coluxglow test certificate DIN 67510 for photoluminescent markings
Field of application Test certificate based on the DIN 67510 standard for photoluminescent markings Test certificate of the luminance measurement from the product standard for photoluminescent markings Creation of a test certificate from a laboratory order in accordance with DIN 67510-4 with the values of the luminance measurement and luminous duration determination for photoluminescent markings. The photoluminescent products tested in this way show the results  in relation to the specifications of ASR A3.4/7 and DIN 67510-4 Class B or C and can be assigned accordingly. ASR A3.4/7 : Workplace safety Class B: For better orientation on escape and rescue routes in the dark Class C: If no sufficient safety lighting is available as well as for the installation of photoluminescent markings for optical safety guidance systems. Type and scope of service Scope of services: Testing of the reset pattern from the standard or from the special design. Additional service: Testing of one of the customer's objects that you make available to us for measurement.

Escape route sign
Symbol: rechts
ESCAPE ROUTE SIGNS SELF-ADHESIVE TRANSPARENTOrafol self-adhesive escape route signs 90 x 180 mm in three different directions: Piecewise arrow to the right, left and straight ahead. Photoluminescent escape route signs in combination with wall marking colour and guidelines 10 cm wide.

Floor tape 50 m for marking on yard and concrete floor
The floor tape for marking on yard and concrete floor is ideal for painting lines on the floor - The tape has a very good adhesive effect for different surfaces in the yard and concrete floor. TIP: Pull off the tape shortly after painting so that no color edge is formed.

Ink roller for water based luminous paints
Size: 10 cm Breite
Buy Mohair paint roller and night glow paint for processing water-based fluorescent paints Special paint roller for night glow paint that is non-absorbent and evenly distributes the glow paints and glow paints for a homogeneous coating. Think of the work equipment when you buy fluorescent paints.

Paint brush
The paint brush 30 mm from the hardware store and buy phosphorescent paint If you buy phosphorescent paint then it is especially suitable for the solvent-based paints for floor coating or the solvent acrylic paint and the latex paint stripping varnish. For water-based paints we recommend a bristle brush from the hardware store and not a paint brush!

Paint mixer 60 mm for craftsmen and painters
The paint mixer for craftsmen and painters to buy the 2-K afterglow paint 60 mm is used primarily for mixing two-component paints (2K EP) if you buy, for example, the following afterglow paint: - the floor paint inside (EP2K) - or the (PUR 2K) varnish. All other one-component paints can be stirred with a stirring rod without a paint mix er.

Paint roller for solvent based paints and 2K
Velour paint roller and night glow paint buy for processing solvent-based fluorescent paints Special paint roller for night fluorescent paint that is non-absorbent and distributes the fluorescent paints and fluorescent paints evenly for a homogeneous coating. Think of the work equipment when you buy fluorescent paints.

Stencil stainless steel arrow 1mm
The marking stencil for arrows for escape route marking The stencil is primarily used for floor marking and application of the floor paints for escape route marking or the white marking paint. Stencil made of 1 mm stainless steel is recommended for processing the Floor paints - Better to brush through  instead of squeegee for a better edge pattern. At the end with thinner and Clean the brush.   Dimensions of the tray 25 x 13 x 4 cm Dimensions of the arrow 9,5 cm width and 5 cm depth of the line This article is made to order by our locksmith's shopDelivery time approx. 1 week