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PUR 2K Lacquer Orange Interior

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Content: 0.8 Kilogramm (€61.50 * / 1 Kilogramm)

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  • SW10071
  • 800 gram content of the components
  • Polyurethane paint 2K orange marking fluorescent paint for spray painting for exterior applications and as one-coat or top coats in machine and plant construction (exterior)
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Application area Polyurethane Paint 2K Paint  Marking Luminous... more
Product information "PUR 2K Lacquer Orange Interior"

Application area

pic mix

Polyurethane Paint 2K Paint  Marking Luminous Paint Orange (for interior use) with ColuxGlow Luminous Powder

Marking luminescent paint can also be applied in thick layers as top coat in multi-layer corrosion protection systems for interior applications and as single-layer or top coats in machine and plant construction

ColuxGlow Markierungsleuchtfarbe Orange can also be applied in thick coats as a topcoat in multi-layer corrosion protection systems for exterior applications and as a single-layer or topcoat in furniture, machine and plant construction - specifically: GRP, PU materials and pre-primed metal surfaces.

ColuxGlow Marking Fluorescent Paint Orange is based on an OH-functional acrylic resin which is cross-linked by means of an aliphatic hardener (polyisocyanate adduct).

■ The mixing ratio is taken into account in the pack sizes. The mixtures must be completely homogenized. We recommend using a stirrer to prepare the mixture and using a mixing container with a volume of approx. 1 L for this purpose.
■ Mix
1.    Step: add binder and hardener - 3 min mixing time
2.    Step: add powder - 3 min mixing time
3.    Addition of 5-10 % universal thinner required!
■ Storage of finished mixtures beyond the specified pot life 4-6 hours is not possible.
■ TIP: Add thinner 40 gr. for brushing to 80 gr. for spraying!

2K Binder Contains : Hydrocarbons,C9,Aromatics ; CAS No. : 64742-95-6; Reaction product of decanoic acid, 12-hydroxystearic acid and 1,2-ethanediamines React.mass: bis(1,2,2,6,6-pentamethyl-4-piperidyl)sebacate and methyl1,2,2,6,6-pentamethyl-4-piperidyl sebacate Attention


FUNCTION Spray paint for luminous objects
COLOUR TONE yellow-green or blue luminescent
DENSITY 1,2 kg/L adjustable with dilution 
LAYER 50-100 my dried film
COMPONENTS 470 gr. base component G
+ 60 gr. hardener AL-17
+ 270 gr. fluorescent powder
gives 800 gr. mixture 2:1 
APPLICATION Drip time 4-6 hours at 20-24 degrees C Universal thinner commercially available
SPRITTABLE Cup gun with agitator
PROCESSING Drying temperatures  at  10°C,  Humidity  above  85%  or  insufficient
air movement, the drying times increase considerably.
GRIP SOLID 3 hours
PACKAGING 0,8 kg portioned see components
SHELF LIFE Components  separately  in  unopened  Original containers  at  Storage temperatures between 15 and 25°C for at least 6 months.
Storage temperatures  above  25°C  are  to  be avoided,
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Contains :aliphatic polyisocyanate, IPDI,1,6-hexanediyl-bis(2-(2-(1-ethylpentyl)-3-oxazolidinyl)ethyl)carbamate, for hazard statements see MSDS! Caution
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2K-PUR Kantenblech Sicherheitsmarkierung Leuchtpulver PUR 2K Lacquer yellow green transparent
Content 0.8 Kilogramm (€61.50 * / 1 Kilogramm)
€49.20 *
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